Indo Wide-Area SCADA
Trustworthy Monitoring and Control™


Heavily-protected, highly capable and efficient, distributed networked SCADA and Industrial Data Processing (IDP) systems.

With easily reusable data, and extensive reporting and alerting capabilities.

Safely monitor or control virtually anything, anywhere on land and in many cases below the surface.

Protective Wrappers

Indo / IWAS technology can also be used to provide protective wrappers around poorly-defended existing IDP / SCADA systems.

Hardly a day goes by without news of another major IDP / SCADA system breach.

Conducting The Orchestra

Unbeatable agility and flexibility via a powerful combination of automation, cooperation, and sub-contracting.

Which enables us, and our trustworthy associates, to provide system installation and support to organisations from small to large world-wide. Systems that are supported and upgraded indefinitely.


We can easily engage a salesperson to sell systems to you.

But that significantly increases the price you'll pay, with no increase in benefit to you.

So you'll be better served by contacting us directly.

A major benefit of that is that any technical questions you have can be answered directly.

Your TM&C Journey

Start your Trustworthy Monitoring and Control journey by contacting us. You owe it to your stakeholders.

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